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"Web packages are custom designed solutions for you to create your own site."

Our Web packages make it easy for you to choose from ready-made designs and layout and have a website with custom designed options to choose from. There are also different access levels for amateur users. With the Web packages we offer, you will also get domain registration and hosting services.

Web packages are normally at an affordable cost and the packages that Farabar offers are exceptionally economical. You will save a fortune especially if you know what features you would like your site to have and how you would like it to look like.

You can also choose from our fast loading custom designs with different layout options to select. They do not require heavy graphics, but are optimized and fast-loading. Alternatively, you can consider different design options which are ideal for a smart business or professional website with a variety of layouts and features.

Our Web packages are there for you to easily showcase your products and services through a classy design. The inclusion of flash animations is optional while you can simply have a fast-loading site with no heavy graphics required.

Our available Web packages are also ideal for individuals and small businesses who wish to display their online information about their company or business quickly and in a cost-effective way.

Even if your requirements don't completely fit a certain layout of our Web packages, we still recommend you select a Web package layout that appears closest to your needs and then request a quote for what you would like to be added to your site. This will be the most economical solution for you.

web packages

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