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"Farabar Media deals with everything regarding sound, graphics, video and animation on your website."

Web design is the creation of Web pages and sites using different Web languages. It includes a wide range of services covering multimedia features, artistic aspects, the technical job of programming, etc.

We make customized dynamic Web pages that include database, server and client side programming, and data-aware application. Additionally, we can also offer domain registration and hosting services for your website.

Our services at Farabar Media conform to the latest standards implementing the most complicated technologies to also create multimedia CDs, internet banner ads, Flash animations, advanced presentations and more.

• Multimedia CDs let you introduce your business in a creative way and most effectively. You can even create your own applications for CD ROM or DVD ROM. Self-created background and button images make it easy for you to determine how the graphic design of your interface will appear.

• We also provide you with the cover design, printing, CD writing and packaging of your Multimedia CD presentations.

• Flash files and animations can simply add more interactivity to your website if they are designed and implemented properly. Farabar Media can give you professional help in this regard.

• A properly-made media banner ad can target your audience in the most effective way. Internet banners, in all shapes and formats, can reach the target audience of your business online and get them to consider you as a provider.

To enhance the services you offer to your site visitors, we can also help you with online payment, shopping carts, and other features on your website.

Farabar Media also provides you with professional consulting based on knowledge and experience. We can help you with tips & ideas, modeling and execution of media content on your website.

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